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Ana Portugal Melo

Invited Researcher and Scientific Coordinator of TropiKMan PhD
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

PAEGI was a turning point in my professional life, at a time when I felt that the knowledge accumulated in almost 20 years dedicated to biology research was not enough to address the new challenges of today's and ever changing global multidisciplinary, the creation of values are determining factors for the success of any initiative. This program allowed me to consolidate my networking, negotiation and management skills, as well as support my natural DNA to innovate. The environment of sharing experiences and projects with colleagues and teachers is a unique space of personal innovation.

Bernardo Tudela Lopes

Bernardo Tudela Lopes
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

A decisão de inovar ou de avançar com um projecto empresarial deve estar indissociavelmente ligada à obtenção de competências e ferramentas que nos permitam melhor avaliar os passos a seguir. É nesse contexto que o PAEGI desempenha de forma excelente o seu papel: no providenciar um enquadramento essencial em várias temáticas bastante diversas entre si, mas cuja integração neste programa permite ao potencial empreendedor e/ou inovador obter as coordenadas para seguir o seu próprio caminho.

O conteúdo dos módulos do PAEGI e a competência e diversidade de experiências do corpo docente permite ao formando a possibilidade de não só desenvolver os seus conhecimentos num conjunto de matérias muito relevantes para a criação de um novo negócio, mas também a possibilidade de explorar por sua iniciativa e de forma mais aprofundada as áreas de conhecimento que poderão estar mais ligadas aos seus projectos.

Para mim o PAEGI representou uma experiência muito significativa ao nível não só da obtenção de conhecimentos e contacto com um corpo docente de reconhecida qualidade, mas também na interacção com colegas de áreas profissionais muito distintas e na exploração de novas áreas de conhecimento essenciais à criação de valor, particularmente numa startup. Cada módulo representou uma experiência única, mas gostaria de salientar especialmente a sessão realizada na Fundação Eugénio de Almeida em Évora que permitiu, ao mesmo tempo que se discutia a gestão da mudança e de equipas de trabalho empreendedoras, conhecer a gastronomia, cultura e arquitectura de uma das mais belas regiões de Portugal.

Finalmente, gostaria de salientar a organização e acompanhamento permanente dos serviços académicos da CATÓLICA-LISBON aos alunos durante todo o curso.

Francisco Fonseca

Diretor Geral, AnubisNetworks
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

Since I had an idea that I thought was suitable to be transformed into a specific project I enrolled in PAEGI with the objective of having access to the basic knowledge necessary to create a new company. My participation in PAEGI enabled me not only to acquire this general overview that I required but also, perhaps most importantly, brought me into contact with a risk capital company (PME Investments) through the business ideas contest promoted by PAEGI, which ended up by becoming the main investor in my project and transformed it into reality. PAEGI was an excellent opportunity to increase my network of contacts and I have been privileged to meet extremely interesting people who I regularly consult with when I need to make certain decisions. The quality of the teaching faculty is excellent and it was always a pleasure to attend classes. Today I can state without a shadow of doubt that the PAEGI program changed the course of my life, making it a great challenge.

Gonçalo Gueifão Monteiro

Head of International Products, PT Comunicações
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

In the present scenario of change and the growing complexity of organizations, the PAEGI is not just an effective contribution towards the personal development of a strategic vision of business in general but is also a privileged forum for exchanging experiences between colleagues.

Joana Beirão

Owner, Edinteriores
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

In the beginning, keeping in mind my training as an interior designer, albeit a senior one, I did not anticipate the happy outcome achieved by the program - the contact with the faculty, the excellence and relevance of the contents, the position of the institution and the exchange of experiences with colleagues all provided me with the consistency and support that I needed to certify a new idea! To have received an "Honourable Mention" at the business ideas contest was the icing on the cake. From then on I have been able to manage the development of the project!

Mercedes Inglês Martins

Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

Completing PAEGI was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I made, for the opportunity of personal and professional growth that brought me. The program focuses on innovative content and methodologies, which help us constructively, question how we perform our job. The classroom environment is dynamic and creative, based on dialogue, sharing of experiences and knowledge. I was lucky to meet great people and I believe that everything I have learned and lived was a very important investment for my future!

Olga Matias

Director of Research, Development and Innovation
Mendes Gonçalves S.A.
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

The combination of excellent teachers from different areas, crucial for the development of skills in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the relaxed atmosphere and networking with excellent colleagues from different sectors, allowed me one of the most enriching experiences until present day. Nowadays, an entrepreneurial and innovation-focused approach is required to face global competitiveness. At PAEGI we have the tools and fundamental networking to the strategic development of any business.

Pedro Ferreira

Diretor Geral, Securvia,Lda
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

The program content of PAEGI on entrepreneurship and innovation is exactly what I needed to leverage the project I had in mind. I mastered the technical aspects of the project, but I lacked the most important: how to begin the business by arranging the substantial financing that the project required? I found these responses throughout the excellent quality of PAEGI's various sessions and workshops. I acquired the skills and confidence that enabled me to develop a business plan and submit it to the scrutiny of the Highly Qualified Jury of the Competition of Ideas. The frequency of PAEGI, the participation in the Competition of Ideas and a Business Plan in hands, contributed to facilitate the obtaining of financing. The project is already a reality, the company is established, funding obtained and the preliminary work already in the pipeline.

Pedro Janela

CEO, WYgroup
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

CATÓLICA-LISBON PAEGI has changed my life. This training, along with teachers, fellow students, covered subjects, and methodology, provided me with a set of knowledge, networking and confidence to develop a business that went from 20 to 150 people and more than a dozen of companies; from the 5,000 EUR invested on PAEGI, I managed to receive, so far, a return of 703,000 EUR. When they asked me if the investment on training was worth it, well, it was one of the best investments I have made in my life.

Rui Freire

Marketing Diretor, Unicer
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

PAEGI was an extremely enriching learning experience for me. The teaching faculty is excellent and always proved to be extremely open and available. The curricular program is ambitious and eclectic, managing the "miracle" of covering all the themes in a very pragmatic and relevant manner in a short space of time. Above all, one can highlight what was the most pleasant and surprising element of all: the group spirit and ties that were created and the pleasure I derived from interacting with people I was privileged to meet at the PAEGI program. Congratulations to the PAEGI team for stimulating this positive spirit.

Verónica Silva

National Expert in Vocational Training at the European Commission
Presidência do Conselho de Ministros - Secretária-Geral
Programa Avançado em Empreendedorismo e Gestão da Inovação

PAIGE focus on value creation linked to innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulating the development of skills which translates into a professional evolution. PAIGE new approaches have applications in the public sector not only in the organizational sphere but also to respond to complex problems in an ever-changing world. Therefore, PAEGI is useful in supporting decision-making in the context of policy-making and administrative modernization.

One of the benefits of the program is to combine the multidisciplinary and holistic approach with the quality of teaching staff.

There are clearly positive points about this program: a good environment and sharing of ideas and experiences, as well as the network that lasts until today.


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