3,75h Principles of Persuasion
4h Difficult Conversations
3,75h Organizing Persuasive Messages
3,75h Give and Receive Feedback
3,75h To compete or to Cooperate?
3,75h Negotiation Skills
3,75h Efficient Written Communication
3,75h Managing Conflicts
3,75h Negotiating in Complex Situations
1h Individual Coaching Session
7,5h Follow-up Session: a moment to Revise, Reflect and Act


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa

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Carlos Guerrinha Silva

Head of the Commercial Department
VASP, Book Distributors Ltd.
Os 3 Pilares do Sucesso Profissional e Pessoal: Comunicar, Persuadir e Negociar
"The subsequent application of the knowledge imparted during this course has proved to be a constant asset, both in personal as well as professional terms, especially due to the practical nature of the course contents."