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Companies are currently focused on accelerating the growth of their business and the internationalization process is a sustainable way of growth. However, a successful internationalization process should follow a detailed planning. Our experience as SME partners in various markets leads us to conclude that there is a need to support the management of these companies, both in the analysis and implementation of these processes and in the training of internal resources. The Internationalization Management Program of the CATÓLICA-LISBON will thus respond to this second strand and allow the sharing of successful experiences of several Portuguese companies. It is a natural step for EY to join this school in this program, because we believe that it can only bring competitive advantages for the graduates who decide to bet on the development of their skills in this area and increase their chances of international success.

João Alves                                                                                                               
Country Managing Partner, EY Portugal


In a challenging economic environment like the one we are dealing with, the challenges of internationalization are of critical importance for the survival and competitiveness of Portuguese companies. I congratulate CATÓLICA-LISBON for launching a program that aims to address the business executive's needs through a set of tools that will allow them to successfully implement their internationalization strategies, thus fulfilling the important task of helping the Portuguese companies to be more prepared for a global and complex market.

Luís Palha
Chairman and CEO, Pharol






Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


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Filipe Bello Morais

Diretor Geral
Estratégias de Internacionalização
"Este programa assentou num corpo docente bastante versátil, multidisciplinar e com muita experiência em negócios em ambiente internacional."