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STAGE 1 – Self-Study and Self Assessment Prior

Self Study: Two weeks before the start of the program, participants will receive a "self-study pack" with a set of readings, cases and instructions relating to each program module. This self-assessment should be done until the start of the program. Thus, the participant can have a certain level of knowledge and familiarity with the topics that will be addressed in the Program and identify areas for improvement. Also allow to compare the result with the self evaluation at the end of the program.

STAGE 2 - Modules


1h Program Opening by the Coordinators
7,5h Marketing Management and Strategic Positioning
7,5h Fundamentals of Management and Strategy
3,5h Business Models and Management of New Technologies


7,5h Financial Analysis
3,5h Investment Project Analysis


3,5h Communication and Persuasion
3h30 Trading Basics
7,5h People and Teams Management

Stage 3 - Group Dynamics

Allow a deepening of knowledge and concepts learned throughout the program. Participants shall take strategic management decisions, marketing management and analysis of financial performance.

7,5h Group Dynamics

Stage 4 – Self Assessment Final

The purpose of this self-assessment is to allow the participant to assess its own consequent development of participation in the Program. Participants can compare their final results with the class average and the results of the initial assessment. Based on the assessment, the participant will receive a personalized development plan and a recommended reading list.


Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo


Phone: (+351) 214 269 846




Raquel Pissarra

Regulatory Affairs Manager
Johnson & Johnson Lda.
Programa de Fundamentos de Gestão: Management Insights Program
"This program allowed me to contact, in a structured but not too exhaustive way, with a set of crucial management issues in the scope of business activity."