Learning Groups are meant for professionals with leadership responsabilities and diverse challenges:

Professionals that might benefit from participating in Learning Groups Types of challenges faced
  • People without any formal leadership responsabilities: specialized technicians (engineers, medics, marketeers, information systems specialists, consultants, teachers, HR technicians, etc.), emerging leaders;
  • Team leaders: specialized technical coordinators, operational team leaders, teams coordinators;
  • Experienced leaders: with the responsability of leading other team leaders or senior specializes technicians.
  • Dealing with their pairs and leaders;
  • Influentiate without having formal authority;
  • Internally selling ideas;
  • Developing internal and external networking;
  • Managing stress and priorities;
  • Carrier managing;
  • Managing difficult conversations;
  • Getting the team envolved;
  • Delegating and achieving results through other people;
  • Managing coworkers with high and low performances;
  • Developing a strategical vision;
  • Creating and managing change;
  • Managing relationships with multiple stakeholders;
  • Making complex decisions.

A Learning Group might be suited to your learning style if:

  • You've identified an area in which you wish to develop yourself;
  • You're willing to speak about you and your personal and professional life;
  • You're willing to listen and learn with other people;
  • You feel comfortable with the perspective of discussing a problem and accepting that there might be multiple solutions;
  • You accept that the solution used by one person might not fit another person's life or specific situation and therefore share experiences, reflections and intuitions instead of advise;
  • You're willing to contribute to the group with punctuality, assiduity (being present at the opening session and at least in 6 out of the 8 remaining sessions), confidentiality and preparation.


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