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Leading HR into the Future: Program for Human Resources Directors


Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues


Phone: (+351) 217 214 220



More Information

1st edition*: started on January 26th, 2018
Schedule: download here

2nd edition*: starts in January 2019
Schedule: available soon

*this program will be taught in portuguese

Classes: Fridays, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Duration: 67 hours

applications here


Program Description

In a context of innovation and change, human resources directors face new challenges:

  • How to interact with the top management team as a strategic partner to improve results and develop the organization?
  • How to anticipate the future needs of companies in terms of Human Resources?
  • How to manage talents to develop teams of high potential among the new generations?
  • How to mobilize all the experience, intelligence and creativity of employees?
  • How to streamline the digital transformation of internal HRD processes?
  • How to rethink the training and development of employees given the evolution of online education and the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence?

We encourage participants to identify their strategic positioning as well as ways to leverage the results of their organization as a whole. The entire program is geared towards having real impact and aligning HRD with the business.

Main Benefits

  • Listen and dialogue with CEOs with extensive experience;
  • Explore new perspectives and opportunities for HRD improvement; 
  • Share good practices, experiences and challenges with other participants;
  • Develop a proposal and action plan to present to its administration, to stimulate a change or innovation in its organization;
  • To know an international reality with recognized best practices.


  • Visit to 2 companies recognized for their practices in terms of Human Resources and work sessions with the HR teams;
  • Residential weekend for the development of your proposal and action plan: each participant will develop a proposal and action plan to present to the top management team of their organization, aiming at enhancing the performance or development of a specific area;
  • Participation of invited CEOs in the three blocks of the program structure;
  • Possibility to invite an element of your team or organization to participate in a module of the program with the aim of stimulating an initiative or change in progress or planned.