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Digital Business Acceleration: From Strategy to Implementation


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 217 227 801

More Information

1st edition: starts on May 7th, 2019 (new date)

Schedule: download here

Classes: Mon. and Wed., from 17:30 p.m. to 21 p.m.

Duration: 57 hours

This program will be taught in portuguese.

Program Description

One of the great challenges for companies in today's digital age is to deal with the diversity of digital initiatives from different areas and "deliver" quality projects at the expected rate, within the expected cost, and complying with the existing legislation, whether if they are start-ups, companies of this decade, or last century companies with successful digital transformation processes.

The classic methods associated with waterfall approaches, on which early in the development it is expected a rigorous specification, are not applicable in a world where solutions are custom-centered and designed to create competitive user experiences. Those methods are even less applicable, when, instead of products, it is intended to develop new digital services which require the combination of an excellent interface with a set of back-office processes, on whose good performance, the end-user experience depends. Establishing a bridge between the "business" and the development teams has been increasingly difficult, causing delays, problems, and results below desired.

Adding to this, using new artificial intelligence and big data technologies raises new problems, until now not existent, mainly ethical and human rights challenges. The only way to deal with these new demands is to include them in the design, since the beginning.

Looking at the leading digital companies, it turns out that they make use of skills that were not part of the resume until now. Design thinking, agile project management, service design and prototyping or strategic cost management are skills that have emerged and consolidated themselves in these recent years and, nowadays, are indispensable tools.

The Digital Acceleration Program aims to equip participants with the essential knowledge in those new subjects, allowing participants to lead the development of new products and services, throughout their lifecycle (from cradle to grave), by introducing strategic economic analysis at the right time, to make informed and sustained decisions. This experiential program offers participants to materialize a concrete project, using the tools and methods presented, until getting a real prototype.

Program Organization

The modular structure of the Program follows the same steps required in the Project, allowing a complete balance between the theory and practice. The essential moments of the Digital Acceleration methodology are experienced in practical classes, for insight generation, finding solutions and testing the prototype.

Each team has a coach that will guide the project throughout the Program, from the beginning until the end.

Digital Business Acceleration Program foresees that participants already have the basis of Digital Transformation and or Design Thinking consolidated, knowing the language and essential tools.

Main benefits

The broad scope of the program subjects develops managers able to be digital leaders and to have a massive impact on the organizations' strategies implementation. More specifically, the Program allows participants to:

  • Use advanced Design Thinking tools such as Empathy Maps, Jobs to Be Done, and others;
  • Learn the cultural aspects of Agile Project Management, the available tools and experience its use;
  • Apply Service Design to concrete problems, until reaching the Service Blueprints;
  • Develop prototypes quickly, whether of low loyalty on a physical support, whether on digital media;
  • Learn how to scale-up a new product or digital service;
  • Know new e-business tools, mainly payments and "social tools";
  • Study and analyze real cases with a specialized teaching faculty in the subjects related to Digital Business.