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Digital transformation processes are a sensitive subject in the organizations and a particularly demanding challenge to manage, mainly: the ability to have productive bilateral communication and collaboration between the business leaders and the IT professionals when creating and developing new solutions, products or services. As a result, digital transformation initiatives require agile methodologies, design, prototyping, and development tools, making our professionals preparation levels a critical aspect for success. The Digital Acceleration Program, in addition to the knowledge of methodologies and tools, also provides to both I.T. and business professionals an essential and understanding common platform for their successful participation in digital transformation projects.

Luis Vasconcelos Pinheiro
Technologies and Systems Coordinating Director


One of the main effects of digital transformation on organizations is what we can call "the marriage between marketing and information systems" where classic frontiers fade away. Digital Acceleration empowered vital complementary skills that were essential for us to offer better solutions to our customers, really simplifying their life.

Luís D'Eça Pinheiro
Marketing and Institutional Relations Coordinating Director


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


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