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Pedro Valente

Manager na área BI
Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data

The Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data program in which I had the opportunity to participate is a good example of what the CATÓLICA-LISBON has been able to bring to the training of management boards and a demonstration of the role that the school plays in supporting products and services developed by portuguese companies. A current curriculum where practical cases complement and enrich the theoretical framework with a holistic view of the subjects. Perspectives based on national and international practices. Teachers who combine pedagogical capacity with international experience. And, last but not least, the possibility of being part of an incredible group.


Ricardo Alves

Marketing Project Manager
NOS Comunicações
Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data

I enrolled in this program, considering that the management and Big Data are paths that converge increasingly in the context of constant change we live, where the amount of data available reached incalculable dimensions and where faster and more accurate decision-making is imperative. The program is very well structured, with a constant concern to associate the concepts we learn with their practical applicability in the business environment and with highly specialized teachers who are committed to sharing knowledge.



Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


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